Google Summer of Code 2011 Students

Several students proposed this year to specific colour management themes. Unfortunately not all could be accepted for the stipends, even though the quality of the proposals where generally high for the themes and response was very lifely. The mentors made their decision and picked the following three proposals and students.

Yiannis Belias will continue the last years project:
“API stabilization for Oyranos Colour Management System II” for OpenICC
We have seen good progress and quite usable code during the last year period. Still there is lots to do to integrate and finish the code transformation.

Joseph Simon will work on:
“Color Management for the Common Printing Dialog (CPD)” for OpenICC
This is a working title and might be changed based on input of the community. The idea covers a prototypical CM UI for print dialogs either using the CPD or perhaps something like the GTK print dialog.  Perhaps the biggest challenge will be to figure out what should be in the printing CM UI. It would be great to see the OpenICC list to help work out the UI design.

Sebastian Oliva will work on:
“ICC Device Profile Repository” at the openSUSE organisation
A colour database to allow clients to request or submit colour profiles for colour managed devices. The idea was proposed at openSUSE as a collaboration project in their ongoing support of colour management. It will be mentored with the help from OpenICC people.

Congratulations for the acceptance of your proposals for the Google Summer of Code stipends this year. And thanks in advance for bringing your valuable time and energy into these projects to improve open source colour management.