LGM Conference 2011 Montreal

LGM was a quite useful chance to meet people. Jon Cruz from Inkscape I met the first time, which was a nice experience. His remarks on the Cairo API for ICC support at the end of the OpenICC round table where interesting and I hope we can continue with that hot toppic. As well I meet Richard Hughes the author of colord and GCM. We could settle on a specification for file based colour device configuration exchange of CMS/CMF’s and discuss desktop colour servers, which was quite interesting. My talk was about “Connecting Device Calibration to ICC Profiles“.

With many more people I could exchange ideas and make plans. Among them where Oliver Berten, the author of SwatchBooker,  Peter Linell and Jean Ghali from Scribus and many more. To my surprise Boudewijn Rempt from Krita pointed out that OpenGTL‘s shiva can handle more than three colour channels. I would love to get support for that in Oyranos.

The whole atmosphere at LGM was great and Louis and the LGM organisation team did great in preparing culinary and cultural program highlights additional to a wonderful conference. As time for coding was somewhat short, some slight improvement could be coding & buffet. This would be a nice experience instead of the well known coding and pizza.

I found the town of Montreal to be a surprisingly friendly place. People from so many cultural background where smiling in the streets, of course always with a arm’s length distance, which is quite unusual in Europe.