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rwx³ alias openSUSE Conference (oSC) will be from 11.09. – 14.09.2011 in Nuremberg / Germany. Im going the to openSUSE Conference! The conference for openSUSE - and Free Software enthusiasts, September in Nuremberg, Germany. Are you? We will meet there and can discuss ICC colour management for the openSUSE distribution, KDE and Qt.

Sebastian Oliva will be there too. I hope we can hack together a Oyranos connection to his newly created ICC DB. The ICC DB project, done during GSoC 2011, shall be used to search for ICC profiles by terms of colour device configurations. This means a printer can obtain a fitting ICC profile for a special driver without the need to have all the canned profiles packaged. Independent vendors can easily upload their ICC data and get their optimised profile selected automatically – if all works. Sebastian and Joseph Simon have done fair bits to get there in a clean way, without hacking the whole system.

I will have colour measurement equipment with me and we can create new profiles for actual used gear, like laptop monitors. Of course these shall walk into the ICC DB.

It would be cool to meet with Compiz and KWin maintainers/packagers to get the GPU colour managed desktop project further. The net-color-spec appears pretty robust. But we need a critical mass to support the concept of colour correcting all windows on the desktop in compositing window managers.

Will be great to meet you all.

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    • Without colour correction and often enough with pure color calibration – yes. The profile might not help that much.

      With colour correction and good profiles the Greens can be fantastic close.

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