Colour Management in openSUSE-12.1

The Oyranos Colour Management System will be in the upcoming openSUSE-12.1 release. With the new library users can configure their ICC profiles and settings in one central place. It brings as well a set of command line tools like oyranos-policy for handling policy configuration files and oyranos-profiles for installation of ICC profiles. KDE users can install the KolorManager package. This Oyranos front end adds a system settings control panel for individual settings adaption. But most systems will run fine with Oyranos defaults.

KolorManager is a front end to Oyranos´ settings and device configuration. It can be found in KDE´s system settings panel.

The first tab in the Settings frame contains the policies. Different settings can be grouped into a policy for easier switching workflow configurations. By selecting a policy the Default Profiles and the Behaviour tabs are updated accordingly. If you prefer a very simple workflow with all images converted to sRGB by default, then the Office policy might be right for you. Other users should select one of the quality preserving policies or the inbuilt defaults.

The Devices frame contains all detected colour devices. The currently correctly working device class is monitor. For these devices the setup of the _ICC_PROFILE in Xorg works. Applications can use this information to actively colour correct from their blending or editing colour space to the actual monitor colour space. Be prepared, that at the moment some applications might not use the system profile from Xorg. In some cases that can be changed in the colour management preferences of affected applications.

Below is a list of colour management packages in openSUSE and what they are for.

  • Oyranos – the Colour Management System library and tools
  • KolorManager – front end to Oyranos
  • ICC Examin – for looking at the content of ICC profiles and their 3D gamut
  • libXcm – parse monitor information and handle X colour management protocols
  • xcm – command line tools for libXcm
  • qcmsevents – libXcm based system applet observes X colour management events
  • icc-profile-openicc and icc-profile-basiccolor-printing2009 – high quality ICC profiles
  • oyranos-monitor – monitor command line tool
  • oyranos-monitor-nvidia – fetches monitor information from nvidia proprietary driver
  • lcms2 – high quality ICC Colour Matching Module (CMM) and command line tools
  • Xcalib – command line to upload linear curves from ICC profiles into graphics cards

More packages like ArgyllCMS, it´s front end dispcalGUI, SampleICC and CompICC can be installed from opensuse buildservice.

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  2. hi, just felt that i need to mention, in indonesia, in java language (the people language, not the pc language) “kolor” means “short (man) pants”, so, in java this meant managing your pants, hehehehe

    i know KDE loves to use “k” for most first letters, but this sounds rather silly in my country, hehehe. well, if KDE guys can handle a little joke and poke from indonesian people, then maybe it’s allright.

  3. Good to see not just new features being added but someone taking the time to make a problem system settings interface for them!

    I see a minor problem: There’s nothing wrong with calling the program ‘KolorManagement’ but it should show up as ‘Colour Management’ (‘Color Management’ in US English) in the KDE system settings. Just the same as Nepomuk shows up as ‘Desktop Search’ instead of ‘Nepomuk’, for example.

    • Agreed and a good point. Will change that and hope that satisfies as well Candra Rusly. Thanks for pinging about that issue.

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