Linux Color Management Hackfest idea

Sirko brought up the idea to organise a hackfest together with developers of applications for Linux desktops and experts interested in colour management. The idea behind that event was to bring interested developers together, support them in implementing color management in their software and move forward that topic across desktops and distributions.

During the recent LGM we found a chance to involve Richard Hughes and planed together about what we like to do during the hackfest. We spotted three main areas of interest: desktop applications including window managers, web browsers and printing. These topics are already worked on, but in a scattered way.

As example, Gwenview is a really great application for managing pictures. But it has no color management implemented yet. Color management in KWin is worked on during the GSoC this year, but in the opposite color management in the compositing manager mutter on the GNOME side is far away as can be read here. Not many web browsers support color management and if they who do, it is often incomplete. The SVG v2 standard will for example introduce additional color management features compared to SVG v1. So it is now the right time to get these implemented in order to be well prepared. For the KDE printing stack there is also a GSoC project this year, but also the Linux Foundation has a working group for this topic.

So, by meeting in person in one place, we want to get something done and build a good understanding of the role of each participating group for a working end to end colour management.

The hackfest will very likely happen in Brno in the Czech Republic at the Red Hat offices. A good time appears later this year 16th till 19th November. Now we like to collect more ideas, speak to people and sort financial issues.

8 thoughts on “Linux Color Management Hackfest idea

  1. Cool, count me in. I’m wanting to design cross-platform colour management support into the new Qt 5 printing module later this year, and November is about the time frame for doing that. I’ll try talk to people at QCS about Colour Mnagement across the whole of Qt 5 top see what else needs doing to bake support into the toolkit level.


    • Hi John.

      I’m not sure if you know about the libCmpx project. The library is currently being developed for use in Krita as a 2012 Summer of Code project, but it will be used as a general color management solution for print dialogs.

      (Entries related to libCmpx.)


    • Would be cool to meet someone working on colour management integration into Enlightenment. We want to post a CfP (Call for Participation) pretty soon.

  2. Great to see you’re all interested. Would be awesome to get all people from different toolkits, window managers, wayland, apps etc. to Brno. Some planning Wiki would be great – is it possible on Oyranos web?

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  4. Count me in, too. As long as the planned date does not clash with the Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) for Ubuntu 13.04 (R edition) and if my employer (Canonical) allows me to go. Can the date be moved if it turns out that this week will get UDS week? This would be great for several of us, not only me.

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