A laptop for Sirko

Sirko, alias gnokii, needs a new laptop. His old one is mostly broken and horrible outdated, a OS update appears hard, wireless-network is non existent and can not added though the USB-1 connector. He works so much for the open source graphics community, that it is hard for him to spent time on ordinary money making. But the FLOSS community profits much from his digital art and design work. Many projects, events and distributions obtained flyers, logos, posters, web site designs and so on from Sirko. Or you can visit his vector graphics on openclipart.org, attend one of his graphics workshops on FLOSS events or enjoy his Inkscape tutorials online. Because of all these reasons, we like to see him happy using and presenting Inkscape and all the other graphic tools by helping him getting a actual graphics laptop.

A common device among designers appears to be one of the Lenovo Thinkpad Laptops. They are durable and well useable during long bus and train travels. A L420appears to be a good workhorse for a skilled artist like gnokii. Hence the final goal of this campaign. The next events with him start already in august.For extraordinary contributions you can contact me under: ku.b at gmx dot de


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