LibreGraphicsMeeting 2013 coming soon

Once a year all or most of the applications around graphics from the free software world come together and work on new ideas and features for there software. The event where they come together is called LibreGraphicsMeeting. Oyranos participated always the last years in that meeting and got a lot of feedback and ideas from it. This year the LibreGraphicsMeeting will take place in Madrid/Spain and there is still time to submit interesting presentations around free software and graphics. As always the LibreGraphicsMeeting tries to collect some money for travel costs of the participating developers.

But there is more, last year we tried to get Gustav Gonzalez to the LGM and it didnt happen. This year Sirko started an campaign very early, as Gustav needs an visa for Spain he has to show flight tickets and accomodation for get it until 15th of February. Now we have nearly the sum for the flights, we looked for flights and we only need arround 200$ for them and another 150$ for accomodation. In case you dont know who Gustav Gonzalez is….

He is the main developer of Tupi, an cool QT 2D animation tool. Which makes it very easy to draw animations. Tupi is an fork of KToon where nobody works on anymore :( But what he has achieved since he forked it, is amazing. Meeting other developer from graphic applications would surly good for him and bring him new ideas for Tupi. SO it would be definitly a benefit to send him to LGM.