Lenovo business Sollbruchstelle?

One year ago I wrote about the Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet based on Tegra II. After 12 months + the device is now pretty doomed. Not only mechanical switches stop working, the power supply gave up around the same time. Looks like Lenovo sells cheap and crappy hardware for business prices. For a ThinkPad labeled device that is far behind any expectations. But the whole concept behind Lenovos business tablets is flawed.

The manufacturer delivered since quite some time no security updates. The device boots only OS kernels digitally signed by Lenovo. So business administrators can not fix anything on their own as is otherwise usual for Android. That lockout makes just junk in a business environment. Further the company decided to build upon a Windows only chipst for the ThinkPad 2 Tablet, without any plans for migration of investments in Android. The minimum would have been a dual boot machine for those, who prefer to continue with, what they have build already. This is a business reset decision inside Lenovo. One simple measure would be to make the kernel signature public available to allow for security and OS updates on the device on a professional base. An other important step is to open up the currently Windows only ThinkPad 2 tablet for Android.