Oyranos is a Colour Management System (CMS) on operating system level. It allows to match predictably input device colours to output device colours across supporting applications. One goal is to make colour management useful for all users in a automated fashion and regardless of any technical knowledge.

Oyranos is based one the well established ICC standard and various other specifications. System wide settings in Oyranos shall ensure consistency in a portable fashion. Oyranos provides a Colour Matching Module (CMM) framework. Users can transparently select a desired colour engine with it.

We are a group of developers around the world. Even though the long term contributor is a single person. The Oyranos project is open source and developed under a welcoming and collaborative spirit. You can download the sources, modify, distribute and use them under liberal license conditions.

Moreover feel invited to contribute. Help translating to your native language, test on or port to your favourite platform, fork on github and write code, engage in the mailing list or forum. If you like to ensure the development by donating money, a developer seat or marketing capabilities, get in contact with us.

Further Information

Related Projects

  • OpenICC Profiles – many default profiles used by Oyranos
  • libCmpx – Color Managed Printing Extension
  • libXcm – X Color Management protocol implementation
  • KolorManager – KDE Configuration front end and KWin color server
  • Synnefo – Configuration front end to Oyranos written in Qt
  • Taxi – Online Device Profile Data Base
  • CompICC – Compiz ICC color server
  • ICC Examin – ICC color profile viewer