Oyranos’ automatisation capabilities make colour management useable for all users. Technical knowledge for that is not needed. Experts will find a robust, flexible, tracable and well scaling environment for colour critical work. The Oyranos API is intended to the audience of colour management aware desktop, application and colour device driver developers.

Try it, tell your wishes at ColourWiki, so we can discuss related toppics and continue.
Oyranos is first implemented and used to communicate colour relevant information on free operating systems. Developers from other OSes can jump in the current discussion to make Oyranos aware of cross platform standards. You are cordially invited to make constructive suggestions.

List of Applications using Oyranos:

  • ICC Examin – ICC profile, measurement and profile gamut viewer
  • CinePaint
  • KolorManager – a colour management settings front end for Oyranos on KDE
  • CompICC – Compiz colour management plugin for full screen desktop colour correction in hardware