ICC Examin

ICC Examin (unix name: iccexamin) is a viewer for the internals of a ICC profile, measurement data (CGATS), argylls gamut vrml visualisations and video card gamma tables.


  • shows the internals of ICC profiles, like text, curves, 3D tables, colour coordinates
  • covers most of the ICC standard v2 and v4 tags
  • produces a profile quality report; as table or 3D view
  • accepts measurement data (CGATS); visible as plain text or in 3D
  • creates and accepts argylls gamut visualisations; vrml
  • understands video card gamma tables (Xorg/XFree86/osX)
  • accepts ICC named colour swatches (ncl2); shows as table or 3D
iccexamin one linux/osX screenfilm

ICC Examin showing a ICC profile gamut

ICC Examin showing a ICC profile gamut:

ICC Examin is configurable by Oyranos. Meaningful colours are drawn using the monitor profile. Device dependent measurement data are visualized by requesting standard profiles from Oyranos and rendered to the monitor profile with the littleCMS library.

ICC Examin can be called from CinePaint to examin embedded profiles or watch image colour samples in the images colour space gamut hull.
Just use [image menu]−>Image−>ICC Profile Information:−>…
or [image menu]−>Image−>Watch Colours3D…


ICC Examin iccexamin on linux screenshot

ICC Examin’s CinePaint plug-in showing collapsing colours of a proofed image


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