LGM 2012 Impressions

The Technikum Wien provided a nice place and great support for the LibreGraphicsMeeting. Many thanks to them. LGM happened together with the Linuxwochen Wien and developers and users could talk about graphics and arts themes. Additionally to the one presentation track over all days, we had BoF’s and workshops. Some of us took the chance to present to a non LGM audience and meet people there too.

The LGM talks covered lots of OpenCL projects. That means modern GPU computing power is available to open source graphics components in a much broader way. As the use of OpenCL is supported by the Mesa software implementation, there is some kind of guarantee, that OpenCL programs will run on elder hardware. That means OpenCL can be used without the need for developers to provide a fallback mechanism, which simplifies adoption.

The colour management talks provided lively discussions around many topics like printing, displaying and open hardware. We discussed as well the impact of introducing colour management in frameworks like GEGL. As mizmo showed interest, I explained the most basic terms of ICC rendering intents in a small BoF using ICC Examin. Animtim compiled and installed Oyranos from sources and wrote already a small tutorial on how to build Oyranos on kubuntu-12.04.

Markus Raab with Elektra on LGM 2012 Vienna

Markus Raab presenting Elektra on LGM 2012 Vienna

The presentation of Markus Raab about the Elektra configuration gave to me some impressive insights into the concepts and flexibility of that small framework. The really cool thing about this library is it can abstract a lot of details and provide additional features, which can be added on run time like DBus support. He announced a new release of Elektra as version 0.8.0 during the event.

The metalab was for most people from countries without a similar open hardware/open source collaboration zone a impressive visit. We all enjoyed to could stay there for some hours and felt, this place is much in the spirit of most LGM contributors.

Nathan Willis @ LGM 2012 Vienna

During Nathan Willis workshop about the Create wiki, we discussed to start a email list for create users. That list is supposed to provide help and talk about experiences with graphics applications and help from users for users.

Sirko (alias gnokii) and Tobias (alias houz) played diplomat and managed to channel information in a way that Richard Hughes and I could finally meet in a productive atmosphere and continued talking about technical issues. At the end we found a mod to work again together on standards inside the OpenICC collaboration project. I am pretty happy with that change. So, thanks to all parties who helped with that.

Café Hawelka Vienna

Tatica, Pete, Sirko and I walked around on the last day in Vienna and relaxed in the café above.

Talks: Libre Graphics Meeting 2012

As it was mentioned in a blogpost before, Oyranos will participate in the 7th edition of Libre Graphics Meeting, which is held in Vienna from 2nd until 5th of May at UAS Technikum Vienna. The schedule is published since a few days and so I can tell that the talks I submitted are accepted.

Most of the talks about color management topics will be held on the first day. The first talk of this day will be held from Richard Hughes and introduces the ColorHug. Then my first talk “Evolving Concepts for Colour Management” will follow. Chris Lilley from W3C will inform after my talk about the status of color managment in SVG2. Then the “competiting” color managment will present there developments since the last LGM, Oyranos will start with “Colour Management a la Greek” followed by Richard Hughes “colord – Linux Color Management Framework, One Year On“. Last talk of the color management talks will be “Taxi DB – Call A Cab To Bring The Colors” which will be delivered from Sirko.
The rest of the talks of the first day are mostly topics like: “Re-lab project. Formats reverse engineering: tools and results” or “Import filters for vector graphic formats in LibreOffice: the reverse- and straight engineering fun“.
The rest of the week will be filled with a lot of talks, workshops and project meetings/hacking sessions. I will also give an workshop about Hughins eye on thursday 1pm.

Many great people already announced their presence and probably many other will come too. If you are into Free software and doing anything graphic related, this is the place where you should go. And the best thing is, Linuxwochen Vienna will be held at the same time and place, so there will not be only talks and workshops about graphic topics.

But the Libre Graphics Meeting needs still some support raising the money for the travel costs for speakers, there is a  pledgie where you can donate.