Cross Platform Toolkits and CM

Some readers might wonder, why ICC Examin has not yet a new osX package. There are several issues with FLTK. The most annoying is FLTK has no real colour management policy. But stop. Which cross platform toolkit has? Right – none. Qt has non, Gtk – don’t know? The situation dates from times where RGB was just native display values. But that is changing completely. osX has with SL colour server functionality on top of Quartz integrated. On Linux early prototypes date back to 2008 and start to be integrated as CompIcc project.

Application developers be warned. FLTK and Qt defaults to “Generic RGB” on osX SL. This means no sRGB primaries, alias a different Gamut, and a Gamma of 1.8.

Do not assume sRGB on all platforms. And worse, a application can not assume anything about the colour space of the toolkit. Trolltech and FLTK, and Gnomes Gtk too, can change the underlaying colour space at good will. So colour managed applications using these cross platform toolkits are merciless exposed to this situation.