ICC Profiles in X 0.2

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Go to the version 0.2 of the ICC Profiles in X Specification (http://www.oyranos.org/wiki/index.php?title=ICC_Profiles_in_X_Specification_0.2)

The original specification is found on Ross Burtons side: ICC Profiles In X Specification (http://www.burtonini.com/computing/x-icc-profiles-spec-0.1.html).

Here you find a modified version of the above. The below text is just a proposal.


The atom name for the first screen in a root window is _ICC_Profile.

For root windows spanning more than one screen, as typical in Xinerama multihead configurations, a atom for each screen is added holding the appropriate ICC profile. All screens in a root window starting from number one use _ICC_Profile as atom name extended with an underscore plus the screen number, e.g. _ICC_Profile_1 .

The atoms are of type XA_CARDINAL with 8-bit elements. The value of the atom should be a literal ICC profile, that applications can read and parse directly.

This property does not have to be set on every screen. When this property is not set on a screen, the screen is uncalibrated, and no colour correction for display should be done.

As profiles can be large applications should read the profile for a particular screen once, and cache it. As a screen's profile may change during the lifetime of the progress, applications should ask to receive property change notifications from the root window, even if they don't currently have a profile set. Applications which can change screens using mechanisms such as display migration should be aware that the new screen is likely to have a different profile.

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