ICC DevCon08

was a great opportunity to meet colour people in person. Many thanks to ICC for opening the door to speek at the conference about Linux. It was a fairly small talk compared to what others provided. But it was as well for many the first introduction about the possibility to do colour management on Linux at all. So first of all I gave a introduction about licensing and commercials, as this is most often confused by IT managers.

It was very nice to meet Max Derhak, who implemented the mpet tag and developed on the multiProcessElementsType for better support of floating point processing inside ICC profiles. The tag was developed to better support colour conversions for the motion pictures industry. Great to see that there is communication possible to that extent. We looked over the license issue of SampleICC and figured out how to best solve that. He has interessting things on the plan together with ICC.

Meeting people on the streets of Portland, and I do not think this is specific to this city, had a flair like wild west. Many pedestrians where distant at more than a arm’s lenght and keept a cautious tone at a first glance. The border between civilised politeness and the feeling of attention in face of a tiger was very fuzzy. Instinctively I had to think about the citicens right in the US to own gun wappons. On the other hand I saw many signs of openness as I found in Europe, if I may compare, mostly in Amsterdam. So I found a nice place of showing quite some tensions.