Net-color spec

After the successful Google Summer of Code project of Tomas Carnecky at OpenICC we have now a nice spec for late colour binding on the desktop – read server side monitor corrections. The spec is in the doc directory of Tomas’ git repository.

Tomas tould us that the propriarity nvidia linux driver has probably a bug preventing me from successfully running his work on a dual monitor system. Fortunedly he was not right at this and I was able to model after his initial work a second compiz plug-in for dual monitor colour correction of the complete desktop. Its at the moment called colour_desktop.

The snapshot below shows the plug-in with two false colour profiles. The left side monitor has a linear sRGB profile assigned and the right monitor profile has all primaries swapped:
colour managed dual monitor setup under compiz
The colour correction workload is for a unused desktop nearly zero and for a running movie slightly noticeable. Of course this server side colour management breaks all older colour managed applciations as there will a double colour correction happen, the early colour binding in the application and the late colour binding in the compiz plug-in. The spec of Tomas holds the solution inside with a atom describing colour region on the server. My colour_desktop compiz plug-in respects these regions and a small example application does both early and late colour binding in one window. The whole stuff is in Oyranos git and it will take a while until we can really distribute stuff like this. First applications should have some time to update to the new window atom under Linux. And second many API’s under Oyranos need more refinement.

The following link brings your to a more technical post.