Gutenprint talks to colour management systems

The Gutenprint project is going to tag its colour related print options with the ColorKeyWords PPD entry. Thus Gutenprint follows a request to tag colour related options in native device API’s. Marking colour related options as being colour related will help to automatically select ICC device profiles depending on the calibration state in the deriver. So in case Gutenprint is set to a increased brightness of 1.1 and the media size is A5, then the colour marked brightness setting will play a role in searching the correct ICC device profile. In contrary a non colour related paper size option will not influence the ICC profile search. This concept of marking driver options as being colour related works as well for SANE and Xorg. The colour related options can be serialised to a common file format, which still has to be defined. Then this calibration information can be embedded by profilers into ICC profiles. Such calibration data enriched ICC profiles can then even be used to setup the calibration state of a given device + driver combination and automatically ensure the correct usage, while minimising user errors. That approach is already deployed in Oyranos’ Xorg module. For display profiles it is typical to embed the calibration data inside the ICC profiles for a long time. The embedded calibration data is used to setup the graphics card to work with the display. Gutenprint is the next candidate to get a similar calibration support inside ICC style colour management.