Libre Graphics Meeting 2011 Montreal

LGM will this year happen in Canada. It is one of the great chances to meet so many of the graphics people out there from the major graphics projects. As more and more artists use libre graphics software the focus shifts from almost a mainly developer event in early years to a mix of artists, users, documentation writers, standardisation people and surely more roles. This gives a unique atmosphere to the event.

Typical the projects, which cover a wide range of graphics arts, will present their actual state and announce releases. There will be panels to envision the future of overall developments, to get in closer contact for collaboration projects and to propose or discuss new standards. There is always a reason for surprise.

With enough colour people meeting at LGM, there will be a OpenICC meeting to discuss topics around ICC style colour management in person. This is a good chance to get matters on the table and talk in person. Other colour discussions usually happen at various talks, workshops and so on. I will join this year again.

Dear reader, to make the event happen please consider funding travel and organisation. Many contributors from all over the world can not easily afford the costs for their hobby projects and must rely on your generous spent money to get there. A good chance is the pledgie champaign. The page covers as well links for sponsors:

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