4 thoughts on “KolorManager First Release! (v0.95)

  1. Congratulations :-)

    I installed kolor-manager here. Is something supposed to change in my notebook’s LCD if I choose a different profile or the color difference is small in this case?

  2. After configuring digikam to ask me what to do when the color profile of my monitor mismatches the one of the file being opened I can see the image with the two color profiles, cool :-) I can even see some smaller difference in color and brightness (I am daltonion so I was expecting to see big difference :-) ).

    • While looking at a series of images using digikam, I found to had to enable colour correction for preview and for the editor. After that it worked fine and digikam honoured the embedded ICC profile in Jpegs, PNGs and TIFFs. :-)

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