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As mentioned in a post before, the Libre Graphics Meeting will be held in Vienna from 2th until 5th of May this 2012. I have now submitted my talks and will hopefully know in some days if they are accepted.

OyranosColour Management a la Greek: will give a overview about some technical concepts for platform independent color management systems.
Evolving Concepts for Colour Management: will summarise the ongoing ideas and discussions on the freedesktop working group OpenICC.

Like in the years before, there is a chance to meet with students of the upcoming Google Summer of Code projects.

Sirko submitted Taxi DB – Call A Cab To Bring The Colors: which describes the idea behind the ICC profile database and hopefully we getting some feedback and ideas, on how to make sure, that the quality of the profiles will be high.

Markus Raab has submitted a talk about Elektra, which is used as DB API by Oyranos. I hope that will show new lively developments in Elektra ;-)

I am sure the self-styled competitor will also be around and give an talk about his view on color management.

If we can get to useful work on specs on a OpenICC round table for the sake of cross desktop compatibility, then even better.

Gustav likes to attend the Libre Graphics Meeting, but he needs some support to get there. We should help him, so that he can meet Boudewijn Rempt and some others from Krita, who can help him to find his way to the KDE community. But he needs some money for travelling. And there are still some other requests for generosity I mentioned before.

Tupi Libre Graphics Meeting Tatica
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Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM) is coming along nicely and will surely become again a cool event for the FLOSS community. LGM is this year co-located with the Linuxwochen Vienna and their Call for Papers is still open until 1st of April.

4 thoughts on “LGM 2012 talks

    • I understand you intention.
      We have talked to colord followers for instance in this thread:
      But they seem to be very busy with reinventing the wheel and spreading lots of unfair statements about their competitors. Not exactly a good proposition for a merger.

      The only way to get to reasonable results is to meet in a collaboration zone. That is for ICC stuff the OpenICC group on freedesktop.org http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/OpenIcc . Unfortunedly no one of them is present there.

      • Oh, sh**… I didn’t know they were so childish, :-/
        Well, good luck with Oyranós, and let’s hope KDE users can finally have a decent color management system soon.

        Best regards.

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