libXcm-0.5.0 released

This is a major new release of libXcm, the X11 Color Management library. The name space of the core protocol changed with the new spec.

Changes Overview:

  • switch from net-color to X Color Management specification 0.4
  • support per region ICC profile
  • add API to parse capabilities from _ICC_COLOR_DESKTOP atom
  • use autotools
  • add XcmVersion.h file
  • build under osX and Win32 without X11 and Linux specific parts

The library communicates X colour regions between server and clients, which is described in the included X Color Management spec. EDID data can be fetched through i2c communication. EDID data can be parsed for identification and access to colorimetric
calibration data. libXcm helps in observing known X11 colour management events.

Known applications using libXcm:
The library is used by CompIcc a compiz plugin for full screen colour correction in hardware. libXcm allows the plugin to support multi monitor and multiple regions per window. The Oyranos Colour Management System uses the EDID parser. qcmsevents applet observes and displays colour management events in a nice GUI. Xcm contains three command line tools for EDID fetching, EDID parsing and event observing.


git git://
git sha1: 2e1562482e2d8549db6111d401d5be7b55c5680c
size: 284884 Byte
sha1sum: ab24831a96447cb5afd04330fbd739c9bba37ffb libXcm-0.5.0.tar.bz2
md5sum: f9f3f2449cb91fbc814876653b644e13 libXcm-0.5.0.tar.bz2
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