Oyranos Color Management System API - Version 0.9.6
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
oCoyArray2d_s2d data array
oCoyBlob_sA data blob object
oCoyCMM_sThe CMM API resources struct to implement and set by a CMM
oCoyCMMapi4_sContext creator
oCoyCMMapi7_sData processing node
oCoyCMMapi_sBasic API interface
oCoyCMMapiFilter_sModule API 4,6,7 interface base
oCoyCMMapiFilters_sA CMMapiFilters list
oCoyCMMapis_sA CMMapis list
oCoyCMMui_sThe CMM API UI part
oCoyConfDomain_sConfDomain object
oCoyConfig_sA group of options for a device
oCoyConfigs_sA Configs list
oCoyConnector_sA filter connection description structure
oCoyConnectorImaging_sNode connection descriptor
oCoyConversion_sA filter chain or graph to manipulate a image
oCoyFilterCore_sA basic filter to manipulate data
oCoyFilterGraph_sA FilterGraph object
oCoyFilterNode_sA FilterNode object
oCoyFilterNodes_sA FilterNode list
oCoyFilterPlug_sA filter connection structure
oCoyFilterPlugs_sA FilterPlugs list
oCoyFilterSocket_sA filter connection structure
oCoyHash_sA cache entry
oCoyIcon_sIcon data
oCoyImage_sA reference struct to gather information for image transformation
oCoyJob_sAsynchron job ticket
oCoyMonitorHooks_sProvide a set of hooks to enable support for a display system
oCoyNamedColor_sSingle Color object
oCoyNamedColors_sList of Single Color objects
oCoyObjectInfoStatic_sStatic object
oCoyObserver_sOyranos object observers
oCoyOption_sOption object
oCoyOptions_sGeneric Options
oCoyPixelAccess_sControl pixel access order
oCoyPointer_sCustom pointer
oCoyProfile_sA profile and its attributes
oCoyProfiles_sTell about the conversion profiles
oCoyProfileTag_sA profile constituting element
oCoyRectangle_sA simple rectangle of double values
oCoyStruct_sOyranos base structure
oCoyStructList_sPointer list