Oyranos Color Management System API - Version 0.9.6
Here is a list of all modules:
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oColorColor and Color Management APIs
|oDevice HandlingColor device meta data and profile handling
|oDefaults HandlingPercistently stored user and system preferences
||oOptions APIThe idea behind this API is to provide one layout for presenting a configuration dialog to users. The advantage is, every application, like KDE and Gnome control panels, will inherit the same logic. A user can easily use the one and the other panel without too much relearning
||oBehaviour APISet and query for behaviour on various actions
||oPolicy APISet and export policies in Oyranos
||oDefault ProfilesConfigure default profiles
||\Default CMMsProvide logical and UI support for Color Matching Module selection
|oICC Profile APIsSelect, read, manipulate and write ICC Profiles in memory and on disk
||oProfile Lists APIFast profile name lists
||oProfile Handling APIBasic profile helpers
||\ICC helpersFunctions to convert and interprete ICC defined enums
|oNamed ColorsHigh level color objects
|\Color calculationsFast hardcoded color conversions
oConversionDirected Acyclic Graph handling, caching and data processing
|\Image ContainersPixel buffer abstraction
oMiscellaneousMiscellaneous stuff
|oGeneric ObjectsBasic objects to make all higher level object types happy
|oValues HandlingManipulate and abstract values
|oi18nInternationalisation helpers for translating UI texts
|oPath NamesAccess to data path names for Installation
|\ThreadingAsynchron processing support
\Backend ModulesWrite extensions that integrate with Oyranos front end APIs
 \Monitor Backend ModulesSimple way to hook a display system into a Oyranos device config module