ICC profile graphs

During the recent days I improved the file dialog preview of ICC Examin. As a result I created a new Oyranos tool called oyranos-profile-graph, which can be found in git. It provides a simple icon and can potentially be used in tools like Synnefo or KolorManager‘s info tab.

There exist some graphing tools like ppmcie to generate a nice triangle inside a CIE*xy horse shoe.

CIE*xy graph from ppmcie

But as ICC Examin sticks on CIE*Lab, I think it is more appropriate to use the CIE*a*b projection instead. Both are available by oyranos-profile-graph. The graphical output of the tool is really simple, beside using Cairo for antialiased curves. Below are the 2D graphs for sRGB.icc LStar-RGB.icc ProPhoto-RGB.icc ISOcoated_v2_bas.ICC ISOuncoatedyellowish_bas.ICC profiles. The first graph is CIE*ab and the second shows the same saturation lines in CIE*xy.


Colour Management Talk @ LinuxTag 2012

Logo LinuxTagEuropes biggest event arround Linux and Open Source – LinuxTag, is’nt far away anymore and Oyranos will participate on it. LinuxTag take its place in Berlin from 23.-26. May on the exhibition area arround the Funkturm. On saturday the 26th of May I will present together with Sirko an talk about colour management – “Bring Color To The Game“. The talk will not introduce Oyranos as CMS, it will more explain what color management is and about the actual status on free desktops. We want as well to talk about what a user needs to get colour management running. During LinuxTag I will be reachable on the openSUSE booth for questions and introduction into profiling and bring some colorimeters.

Talks: Libre Graphics Meeting 2012

As it was mentioned in a blogpost before, Oyranos will participate in the 7th edition of Libre Graphics Meeting, which is held in Vienna from 2nd until 5th of May at UAS Technikum Vienna. The schedule is published since a few days and so I can tell that the talks I submitted are accepted.

Most of the talks about color management topics will be held on the first day. The first talk of this day will be held from Richard Hughes and introduces the ColorHug. Then my first talk “Evolving Concepts for Colour Management” will follow. Chris Lilley from W3C will inform after my talk about the status of color managment in SVG2. Then the “competiting” color managment will present there developments since the last LGM, Oyranos will start with “Colour Management a la Greek” followed by Richard Hughes “colord – Linux Color Management Framework, One Year On“. Last talk of the color management talks will be “Taxi DB – Call A Cab To Bring The Colors” which will be delivered from Sirko.
The rest of the talks of the first day are mostly topics like: “Re-lab project. Formats reverse engineering: tools and results” or “Import filters for vector graphic formats in LibreOffice: the reverse- and straight engineering fun“.
The rest of the week will be filled with a lot of talks, workshops and project meetings/hacking sessions. I will also give an workshop about Hughins eye on thursday 1pm.

Many great people already announced their presence and probably many other will come too. If you are into Free software and doing anything graphic related, this is the place where you should go. And the best thing is, Linuxwochen Vienna will be held at the same time and place, so there will not be only talks and workshops about graphic topics.

But the Libre Graphics Meeting needs still some support raising the money for the travel costs for speakers, there is a  pledgie where you can donate.